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News 2017


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October 23, 2017

XEP 4.26 released

RenderX has released XEP 4.26. This major release brings new features and improvements:

  • PDF/UA compliance (specification):
    • Linear objects (lines, borders, rectangles etc.) are now marked as Layout artifacts.
    • The content of region-before/region-after are now marked as Pagination artifacts (of Header/Footer subtype). Fixed the read-out-loud of partial sentences in a paragraph.
    • Fixed null pointer exception on tagged documents, which happens when the same rx:pdf-structure-tag appears on two or more different pages.
  • Section 508 Tagged PDF improvements:
    • Added Colspan and Rowspan to the list of 508 attributes.
    • Added the information about Section 508 tagged PDF to XEP User Guide.
    • Fixed the order of the Link's children structure tags.
  • Cliser:
    • Added option to disable HTTPControl port.
  • PDF linearization improvements and fixes:
    • Improved compatibility of linearization info with new versions of Adobe Acrobat Preflight.
    • Fixed HintTable and EOL marker in linearization mode.
  • Bug fixes:
    • SVG image caching that led to wrong images added to the output
    • Page breaking on page-wide footnotes with id in a multicolumn content
    • Overflow in tables with block with id
    • Exception while reading CMap of Apple fonts
    • PDF forms
      • Printable combobox
      • Printing of the borders of the comb boxes
      • Broken multi-line textboxes
      • Empty string causing multiline PDF form lose text traits
    • NPE in "Read Out Loud"
    • NPE on some tables with changebars
    • Behavior with near zero RGBA color

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December 23, 2021
No Log4j in RenderX products

No Log4j in products.
We continuously monitor.
Allways update to latest.
More news...

October 15, 2020
EnMasse 3.3 released

HTTP/1.1 server status;
performance improvements;
improved logging.
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December 13, 2019
XEP 4.30 released

Rounded corners extension;
PDF Form Fields:
deselecatble radio buttons,
text alignment, bug fixes.
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May 15, 2019
XEP 4.29 released

New rx:barcode extension;
bug fixes: PDF Form Fields,
font subsetting, SVG;
XEPWin: No JRE installer.
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October 11, 2018
XEP 4.28 released

Digital Signature form field;
Adobe Cross mark;
Improved Checkmark Position;
XMP Metadata injection.
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