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VDPMill is a complete solution with very high performance rendering of both large print files as well as singular large reports. VDPMill-based solutions are fully scalable: from a single XEP Engine to a grid of servers managed by EnMasse. With XML input or data extruded from a database or application output can be in PDF, PostScript, AFP, and XEPOUT.

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VDPMill can generate very large batch print files – hundreds of thousands of pages in a single file. Through the use of a multi-threaded formatting grid for documents, the components of this print file can be formatted simultaneously to meet any performance demands. The Formatter layer administrative tools allow the user to add/remove server connections from the grid so all that is required to increase performance is to add additional RenderX XEP server threads. The Formatter automatically balances the load across the new server threads. The Customizer is fully extendible, allowing users to modify the print stream as desired before generation of output. This eliminates the need for custom PDF, PostScript and AFP parsers or concatenations. And using the multi-threaded Generator, VDPMill can produce simultaneous output documents from the same internal document stream, eliminating the need and inherent deficiencies of trying to convert one output format to another.

VDPMill is the perfect application for all your high performance print and large report production, and dynamic and interactive PDF Forms.


VDPMill contains four main components:

The Splitter can be used to split individual or collections of input XML content into smaller chunks. The Splitter is fully configurable and can be triggered to split on content sequences (such as every 50th invoice or every 3500th line item of a large report) and even supports the insertion of custom split instructions in the source document.

The Formatter controls a multi-threaded formatting grid of RenderX XEP servers. This delivers simultaneous formatting of document chunks for large batches or chunks of individual documents. A grid can consists of multiple threads of XEP running across multiple, different computers… even across different networks. It is easily configured and easily expanded through administrative interfaces to add or remove servers.

The Customizer is a plug-in layer where you can use RenderX provided customizations or write your own. This layer is used to enhance the formatted document stream prior to generation of final output. Use cases would be injecting custom comments in Postscript for use, injecting OMR marks, selection and/or generation and insertion of Transpromo advertising, and application of custom barcoding based on page sequences.

The Generator is a multi-threaded layer that can simultaneously generate print and dynamic output formats from the document stream. Today, RenderX supports PDF, PostScript, AFP, XPS, PPML, SVG and HTML.

Licensing Information

A base package of VDPMill comes with one CPU license of RenderX XEP and two licenses of VisualXSL for design of style sheets. The XEP license includes PDF and PostScript output. Additional capacity for rendering, alternate output formats like AFP, XPS and PPML and additional layout designers can be added to the base configuration.

Contact sales for a custom quote based on your configuration and use.



April 1, 2024
No xz-utils in RenderX products

No xz-utils in products.
We continuously monitor.
Always update to latest.
More news...

August 11, 2022
New Product Release: InGrid 1.0

EnMasse replacement:
More secure, faster;
plus REST API;
pure Java.
More news...

June 21, 2022
EnMasse 3.4 released

Security fixes:
No 64-bit SSL ciphers, XSS;
improved logging.
More news...

December 23, 2021
No Log4j in RenderX products

No Log4j in products.
We continuously monitor.
Always update to latest.
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October 15, 2020
EnMasse 3.3 released

HTTP/1.1 server status;
performance improvements;
improved logging.
More news...

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