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News 2008


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December 12, 2008

XEP 4.14 released

RenderX has released XEP 4.14. This major release brings quite a lot of new features and enhancements:

  • An SVG backend has been added. The new backend generates a single SVG document that includes all pages.
  • XEP Intermediate Format (XEPOUT) files are supported as external vector graphics files, e.g. for fo:external-graphic (the first page is displayed).
  • A new option - IMAGE_INLINE_THRESHOLD - allows to control placement of image data inside a PostScript document: It can be included either in the document setup or in page setup section, depending on the option's value of and the number of an image's appearances in the document.
  • The number of pages generated by an fo:page-sequence may be forced to be a multiple of N by using force-page-count="xN".
  • PDF/A compliance has been improved.

XEPWin now supports input files with embedded stylesheets. XEPWin's memory management has been improved: It can use a temporary directory, saving more memory for formatting. Some bugs have been fixed in the PostScript generator. Support for page-number-citation-last in the FO namespace has been restored.

The DocBench bundle now includes oXygen XML Editor 10.

September 17, 2008

RenderX Exhibits at Oracle OpenWorld 2008

RenderX, the recognized leader in XML to print technology, will participate as an exhibitor at Oracle OpenWorld 2008 in San Francisco at the Moscone Center, West from September 21–24, 2008 in Booth #3730.

Oracle OpenWorld is the world’s largest gathering of Oracle customers, partners, developers, and technology enthusiasts. The event offers a multitude of opportunities for learning, collaborating, and connecting with experts and peers in the field of information technology.

RenderX will be demonstrating our most current technologies and solutions, including XEP - a patented, commercial grade XSL formatting engine. XEP takes input in XML, applies an XSL transformation and then formats the Formatting Objects into PDF, AFP or PostScript, the de-facto standards for standard typography.

We will also be giving attendees a sneak peak at our soon-to-be-released products, to include demonstrations of DiType, a next generation formatting engine, DocuType, a combination of DiType and MediaWiki - as well as VisualXSL, a complete forms-based application for the Financial, Health Care, and Insurance Industries.

If you would like to schedule a targeted, personal demonstration of any of our technologies, contact RenderX sales at (650) 327-1000 (online form). We would be happy to accommodate you.

August 19, 2008

XEP 4.13 released

RenderX has released XEP 4.13. Two new extensions: 'watermark' and 'transpromo'. Bug fixes in PDF/A generation and processing of background images on table elements. DocBench bundle includes oXygen XML Editor 9.3.

July 25, 2008

DiType 2.2 released

RenderX announces a release of DiType 2.2. This version introduces backend configuration options, available as server-side configuration parameters and as per-document processing instructions: linearization, compression, user privileges and passwords for PDF generator; unicode annotations, initial view and zoom controls for PostScript; and other options. Other improvements are better support for TrueType fonts and faster rendering of tables.

June 20, 2008

DiType 2.1 released

RenderX announces a release of DiType 2.1. This version introduces:

  • SVG backend for fast preview;
  • support for XML Catalogs;
  • updated style sheets for DocBook and DITA, with configured XML catalogs;
  • unicode annotations in PDF output allow non-latin characters in bookmark titles;
  • configuration options allow to limit the size of external resources, both per resource and per document.

June 20, 2008

New Product Release: DocuType

RenderX integrates DiType and MediaWiki to create DocuType, enabling you to take wiki content and convert it to PDF format for printing and publishing purposes.

May 28, 2008

DiType 2.0 Release: DiType 2.0

RenderX announces a release of DiType 2.0. This version includes a new implementation of scalability on architectures with multiple CPUs/cores, increased performance of PostScript backend, and updated fonts for a wide subrange of the Unicode code points.

April 30, 2008

New Product Trial Release: DiType 1.9 Trial

RenderX is proud to announce DiType 1.9 Trial. DiType turns manuscripts into type. Built in and for the digital age, it presents the type in PDF, PostScript and other page description languages, and accepts manuscripts in a number of popular XML markup vocabularies. The architecture of DiType is based on experience gathered during the lifetime of XEP and widely uses open technologies and protocols. The heart of DiType is XSL FO rendering engine, accompanied by input format converters and output generators.

April 29, 2008

RenderX’s Solution Creates a Complete, Generic Framework with Modifiable Form Field Elements, Based on XML Templates

Banks, utility companies, retailers, insurance, and credit card companies have an increasing need to give their clients the ability to enter specific information about their accounts in pre-configured PDF forms via the web. This can be accomplished by offering internet-based application forms that are 100% custom to the applicant. The forms can be generated using information from a few upfront questions and known information from their account. Other fields can be filled with known information and even hidden to prevent their modification.

RenderX clients have an increasing need for creating dynamic PDF forms. Producing these forms can be accomplished by using RenderX’s XEP, an original XSL FO formatting engine, combined with iText to produce dynamic, fill-able, custom forms in a high-volume, multi-threaded application. Integrating RenderX XEP and XSL FO technology with iText has resulted in a 100% generic way to generate dynamic PDF forms for everyday applications. No further programming is necessary to generate dynamic, fill-able, custom PDF forms. Click here to view "Integrating RenderX XSL FO Technology with iText for High Performance Dynamic Forms Generation" .

April 28, 2008

Use RenderX Software to Create TransPromo Variable Marketing Advertisements in Your Documents

TransPromo, also known as "statement based marketing", integrates a TRANSactional document with proactive PROMOtional marketing. TransPromo provides an opportunity to blend marketing messages with must-read transaction statements such as invoices, statements, benefit confirmations, explanations, and other notifications to influence behavior and ultimately drive business volume. Banks, utilities, retailers, and credit card companies are now incorporating highly tailored messages based on the consumer’s buying habits into transaction documents to provide promotion information relevant to their specific needs and interests.

If you’re producing transactional customer communications such as statements, invoices, policy notifications, or shipping documents, you probably already have some of the basic elements you need to start using TransPromo to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. TransPromo advertising in a PDF, PostScript and AFP electronic and print format can easily be injected into your application with RenderX. Click here to view "Using RenderX for TransPromo" .

April 25, 2008

XEP 4.12 released

RenderX has released XEP 4.12. Two new extensions: 'multicolumn footnotes' and 'unique footnotes'. PDF generator can produce PDF/A compliant documents. Custom meta-fields for PDF document properties may be specified. Encoding tables are not truncated if font is not subsetted. DocBench bundle includes oXygen XML Editor 9.1.

February 27, 2008

Visual-XSL (VisualXSL 1.6) Released

RenderX has released Visual-XSL (VisualXSL 1.6). Implemented the option to generate fillable PDF form for documents with PDF background (currently textboxes and checkboxes are supported).
A lot of new features are now available in the Layout Designer: snapping to grid; context menu for drag-and-drop operation; cross-hairs to know exactly where you are placing an object; displaying of X/Y cursor coordinates (in the status bar); displaying of block location and size in real world coordinates; etc. Improved support of group operations: selecting, moving and resizing was made more comfortable (using mouse). Now all fields can be rotated at the angle that is a multiple of 90 degrees. Added auto-splitting of multi-page PDF for convenient using it as a background for the multi-page form. As well as other features and improvements are implemented.
Visual-XSL (VisualXSL 1.6) trial is available for download here.

February 5, 2008

RenderX To Exhibit And Sponsor "Tap & Brew" Lounge At AI

RenderX, the recognized leader in XML to print technology, will be exhibiting at the AIIM International / Xplor Document University Global Conference and Exhibition at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center, March 3-6, 2008 in Booth #2824. RenderX will also be the exclusive sponsor of the "Tap & Brew" Lounge, located in Booth #1870, adjacent to the Internet Caf?. The lounge will feature complimentary coffee each day of the show, as well as domestic and import beer from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the first two days, March 4th and 5th.
Kevin Brown, executive vice president of sales and marketing for RenderX, will serve as course chair for the spokespeople addressing XML Forums. Craig Cooper of ChoicePoint Precision Marketing, Eric Brown of Unisys Corporation, Fred Gerson of AIG, Ken Holman of Crane Softwrights Ltd, and Ken Matson of GCom2 Solutions will be speaking on various topics of document creation and management.
Courses will include: "Introduction to XSL-FO (XSLFO)", "Introduction to XSLT and Xpath", "Getting to the XML to PDF Transformation: Leveraging XSL-FO for Document Creation and Management", "Lessons from the FFIEC CDR Project", and "XML Foundation for a Variable Data Printing System".
RenderX will also be presenting targeted demonstrations of our products. This includes demonstrations of our newest release, VisualXSL, showing complete forms-based applications for the Health Care and Insurance industries. RenderX will also be giving attendees a sneak peak at our soon-to-be released products, including:

  • DiType – our next generation formatting engine
  • DataStyler Beta – leveraging Microsoft Word as an XSL designer
  • XML Report Generator – Integrating Oracle, DataStyler and RenderX XEP for a complete business document factory delivering high performance print and on-demand documents
Come visit us at the show in Booth #2824 and stop by our "Tap & Brew" Lounge in Booth #1870 for a free coffee or beer, on us. If you would like to schedule a targeted, personal demonstration of any of our technologies, contact RenderX sales at (650) 327-1000 (online form). We would be happy to accommodate you.

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August 11, 2022
New Product Release: InGrid 1.0

EnMasse replacement:
More secure, faster;
plus REST API;
pure Java.
More news...

June 21, 2022
EnMasse 3.4 released

Security fixes:
No 64-bit SSL ciphers, XSS;
improved logging.
More news...

December 23, 2021
No Log4j in RenderX products

No Log4j in products.
We continuously monitor.
Allways update to latest.
More news...

October 15, 2020
EnMasse 3.3 released

HTTP/1.1 server status;
performance improvements;
improved logging.
More news...

December 13, 2019
XEP 4.30 released

Rounded corners extension;
PDF Form Fields:
deselecatble radio buttons,
text alignment, bug fixes.
More news...

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