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XEP AFP Generator Reference


This document is a reference manual for XEP AFP Generator. It contains a detailed description of supported input and output formats, layout control features, and formatter configuration.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Generate AFP Documents

1. Introduction

Since version 4.6 XEP engine has a built-in support for generating AFP documents (available with a special license). AFP is an architecture standard for High Volume Transaction Output supported by such vendors of printing equipment like IBM, Kodak, Xerox and others. AFP has built-in support for text and raster graphic output, vector graphic, vector and raster fonts and many other features. All document structure of AFP document is organized by means of higher level protocol called MO:DCA which links all printable objects together and builds the whole document.

2. Generated AFP Documents

XEP AFP generator generates documents which are MODCA-P streams that contain PTOCA objects and IOCA objects. XEP AFP generator can also generate an additional stream that can contain some of raster images as IOCA objects. This stream is a MO:DCA-L stream and it is called resource file.

For purpose of interoperability each MO:DCA structured field is prefixed with byte X'5A'. For details on X'5A' prefix usage, see Advanced Function Presentation, Programming Guide and Line Data Reference, Chapter 4. Mixed Documents: Adding MO:DCA Structured Fields to Line Data, Section "X'5A' Carriage Control Character".

To learn more, see extended XEP reference...