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Dynamic Publishing

RenderX products are capable of assembling large volumes of transactional documents and personalized correspondence from multiple sources for print and electronic output. They help create professionally typeset documentation such as statements, bills, invoices, loan packages and other kinds of personalized mailings.


XEP Engine

For high volume, mass composition of personalized correspondence EnMasse:Actinia is an ideal solution. EnMasse:Actina is installed on network server. It can communicate with one of more XEP Engines, and easily scaled to achieve the required throughput.

EnMasse server is configured with an input folder designated for submission of documents to be processed. The server converts them into the desired output format—PDF, PostScript or both—and places the results into a designated output folder. The documents are ready for distribution either via e-mail or printing.

Demo: Barcodes

To accelerate sorting of the documents for distribution, bar-codes can be embedded into these documents. The bars are generated by our barcode library which can be downloaded free of charge.

The templates for the documents can be created in a wide variety of tools, like VisualXSL, Assentis:DocDesign or even in Microsoft Word. In the latter case the templates are saved in WordML, and then processed by WordML2FO converter provided by RenderX to generate documents.

Story: Sebis Direct

If formatting is the only personalization required (e.g. a book shop willing to allow its customers to download e-books in a variety of formats, including PDF) EnMasse:Toaster needs to be installed to convert the source materials on the flight stored in a dedicated database in one retargetable format to a final form. In addition, several EnMasse XEP Engines could be installed to fulfill multiple users' requests simultaneously without any impact on performance.

An application program, working on a separate server, retrieves the source material in its format from the database, sends it to EnMasse, receives back the formatted document and delivers it to the customer.


August 11, 2022
New Product Release: InGrid 1.0

EnMasse replacement:
More secure, faster;
plus REST API;
pure Java.
More news...

June 21, 2022
EnMasse 3.4 released

Security fixes:
No 64-bit SSL ciphers, XSS;
improved logging.
More news...

December 23, 2021
No Log4j in RenderX products

No Log4j in products.
We continuously monitor.
Allways update to latest.
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October 15, 2020
EnMasse 3.3 released

HTTP/1.1 server status;
performance improvements;
improved logging.
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December 13, 2019
XEP 4.30 released

Rounded corners extension;
PDF Form Fields:
deselecatble radio buttons,
text alignment, bug fixes.
More news...

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