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Oracle Integrators & ISVs

We are looking for a partner to "tune" our Oracle reporting XML-PDF-PS-SVG backend to better serve our customer base. Contact Us

Oracle Database Reporting Tools

Taking advantage of the performance and scalability of Oracle Database, RenderX developed powerful report design and generation tools that allow producing high quality reports in many output formats.

Our patented software is used in many industries to generate database reports (batch reports). These dynamic reports can be for display on the web; or a document in a work flow inside of a business system; or to stream data to printers for mailings such as bills and statements or documents such as purchase orders, packing lists, and shipping labels.

Oracle Dynamic Reports

This powerful report generator allows you to producing high quality reports in many output formats (PDF, PostScript, and AFP) from Oracle database sources. The report generator is specifically designed to work with the Oracle 9i Database.
Various templates can be used to produce dynamic documents that may contain text, barcodes, and charts (stored as SVG objects).
The templates are created using DataStyler - a RenderX tool that uses Microsoft Word as a WYSIWYG XSL stylesheet template designer.
Fully-functional web demos are available: Oracle Dynamic Reports and XML Report Generator (XMLRG).

Integrating XEP with Oracle

This step-by-step guide explains how we integrated XEP into an existing Oracle system. The reason was that we needed a possibility to create PDF documents from data stored in the database and send them over the intranet directly without having to store them as files. This required the possibility to use XEP inside the Oracle database as a Java stored procedure.

Oracle Technology Partners

Having a network of partners that build their solutions using Oracle’s products helps RenderX to extend the range of solutions offered to clients.


As Published In

Oracle Magazine,
January/February 2007

The Snapshots section of the
article titled 'Go XML'
features two print solutions
by RenderX that utilize
Oracle databases:

State of California
Office of Legislative Counsel

Location: Sacramento, California
Industry: Public sector
Oracle products: Oracle
Database 10g, Oracle XML DB

British Sky Broadcasting Group

Location: : Isleworth, U.K.
Industry: Media and entertainment
Oracle products: Oracle
Database 10g, Oracle XML DB