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Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Content: We'll Hand You the Keys

XML is a better way to handle content… but what's the best way to handle all that XML? Get the answer in a live web event, where you'll find out how an XML content server can give you more value from your enterprise content while speeding document production and lowering costs.


Please make plans to attend this educational web seminar, Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Content: We'll Hand You the Keys. This event sill feature live demonstrations of MarkLogic, the industry's leading XML content server, integrated with RenderX print rendering technology and other best-of-breed XML software.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, march 22, 2005 at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern). It will last 1 hour. Register now.

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With an XML content server, you can transform, enrich and extract information that has been locked away in proprietary systems up to now. Mark Logic enables you to extract new value from existing content… as you query, manipulate and render information to simplify content management and accelerate the creation of new information products.

You'll also learn about the Open Content Architecture, which lets you mix and match powerful XML tools.

  • Convert existing content to rich XML with Exegenix
  • Author XML natively with XMetaL from JustSystems
  • Enrich content with entity extraction using ClearForest
  • Assemble new content for print and PDF delivery with RenderX


Complimentary with your registration: Trial software, white papers, sample conversion of your content.


October 11, 2018
XEP 4.28 released

Digital Signature form field;
Adobe Cross mark;
Improved Checkmark Position;
XMP Metadata injection.
More news...

August 1, 2018
EnMasse 3.2 released

Multi-service mode - Fork;
improved Cliser logs;
simplified config format;
improved sample client.
More news...

April 18, 2018
XEP 4.27 released

PDF/A-3 attachments;
Date fields in PDF forms;
KERN and GPOS support;
security permissions extended.
More news...

October 23, 2017
XEP 4.26 released

PDF/UA compliance;
Section 508 Tagged PDF;
linearization improvements;
Cliser: HTTPControl port on/off.
More news...

December 22, 2016
EnMasse 3.1 released

Cache management option;
Increased speed: up to +34%;
Informative log format;
New sample client.
More news...

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