XSL Spec of 18-Oct-2000 self-formatted

This page presents XSL Working Draft of October 18, 2000, formatted as an XSL Formatting Objects document conformant to this same draft. The document has been prepared by the RenderX development team as a contribution to XSL Formatting Objects community.

Preliminary results of formatting this document by RenderX XEP are also presented. The version of XEP used to prepare it is still under development, therefore the formatting results may not be perfect.

This version makes reference to GIF images; they are available from the W3C site as part of HTML version distribution of the XSL draft (xs001018.zip).

XSL FO (zipped) PDF (zipped)
xslspec.fo.zip (272 kB) xslspec.pdf.zip (1.02 MB)

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