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RenderX Major Customers by Segment (Partial List)


Insurance & Financial Telecommunications Government Various
AIG AT&T Air Services Australia Accenture
Aktia Bell Mobility Australian Department of Defense Amdocs
Bank One Bucharest Mobifon Belgocontrol Apple
Capital One Cellcom Israel City of New York Applied Materials
Charles Schwab Center Telecom Defense Intelligent Agency BMW
Chubb & Sons Central Telegraph DoD Joint Chiefs Boeing
Credit Suisse Cingular Wireless Eurocontrol Daimler
Desjardins Cosmote European Commission EDS
Dun & Bradstreet Far East Telecom (Dalsvyaz) European Environmental Agency
GE Capital Bank Hutchinson Telecom Government of Quebec ExxonMobil
Goldman Sachs Neuf Cegetel Homeland Security Ford Motor Company
Interpolis Northwest Telecom Northern Territory Government Fujitsu
JPMorganChase Romtelecom Office of Management & Budget Genentech
Lehman Brothers Rostelecom Patent and Trademark Office Guidant
MC Mutual SBC Queensland Police Harley Davidson
Munich Re SFR France Sandia Laboratory Hewlett Packard
Nationwide Insurance Sibirtelecom SPAWAR Honeywell
PNC Bank Sky Broadcasting State of California IBM
Portman Building Society South Telecom State of New Mexico J. Walter Thompson
Rabobank Sprint State of North Dakota Kluwer
Sampo Group Sviazinvest State of Pennsylvania LexisNexis
Skipton Building Society T-Mobile State of Washington Mary Kay
SWIFT Hutchison 3G UK Limited The Stationary Office NewRiver
Swiss Life Uralsvyazinform Toronto Police Service Symantec
The 401k Company Verizon Wireless UK Dpt. for Work and Pensions Takeda Pharmeceuticals
UBS Vodafone Ireland US Army, Navy, National Guard The Learning Tree
Winterthur Life Vodafone Libertel US FDIC The McClatchy Company
Zurich Financial Vodafone UK WIPO Voyager Learning Company
  Volga Telecom    

  Last updated: September 16, 2010